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LG Floors Maintenance Procedures

LG Floors Maintenance ProceduresLG Floors Initial Maintenance:

A)Do not begin initial maintenance for at least 72 hours after installation is complete.

B)Use standard Maintenance Industry safety practices and precautions whenever performing maintenance procedures.

C)General Initial Maintenance:

I) Remove all surface soil, dirt, sand and grit by vacuuming or dust mopping.

II) Scrub the floor with a neutral pH cleaner such as Johnson Diversey Stride or TASKI R-50 Neutral Floor Cleaner. Follow the manufacturers directions for mixing and using.

III)Scrub with rotary scrubber using a red scrubbing pad or automatic scrubber with soft scrubbing pads. Do not use a black or brown pad on any LG Floors products.

IV)Pick up solution with a wet-vacuum, rinse with clean water, allow to dry thoroughly.

V)Apply 2-3 thin coats of a high quality floor finish such as Johnson Diversey's Carefree or TASKI's Vision Matte. Apply with a clean finish mop or finish applicator. Follow the TASKI and Johnson instructions

VI)Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next coat.

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LG Floors Maintenance Procedures