Buckeye® Straight-Up® pH Neutral Cleaner, 1 Gallon

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Buckeye Straight-Up pH Neutral Cleaner, 1 Gallon

  • Safe on all floor finishes
  • Adjusts water to pH neutral regardless of water source's pH
  • Pleasant floral fragrance
  • Effective in hard and cold water
  • No-rinse formula
  • Dissolves quaternary disinfectant residue
  • No OSHA hazardous materials
  • Superior soil suspension abilities

  • For Use On: Flooring and other hard surfaces where water is used and neutral pH cleaner is required.

    Directions for Use:
    1. Dust mop or sweep floor to remove loose dirt and debris.
    2. Dilute Cleaner for appropriate use (see Dilution Ratios below).
    3. Apply with cloth, sponge, trigger spray bottle, mop & bucket or autoscrubber.
    Note: Floors will be slippery when wet.

    Dilution Ratios:
    Autoscrubbers: 1 oz./gallon of water (1:128)
    Light Cleaning: 1 oz./gallon of water (1:128)
    Normal Cleaning: 2 oz./gallon of water (1:64)
    Heavy Cleaning: 3 oz./gallon of water (1:40)

    Safety Data: Buckeye® Straight-Up® pH Neutral Cleaner MSDS

    Additional Information: Buckeye® Straight-Up® pH Neutral Cleaner Product Data Sheet

    Specifically recommended for use on the following floor brands:
    (Check compatibility with specific flooring material prior to use.):
    Johnsonite (Tarkett Commercial Flooring)