Buckeye® Penetrate® Environmental Floor Stripper, 1 Gallon

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Buckeye Penetrate Environmental Floor Stripper, 1 Gallon

Eliminate noxious odors with this butyl-free, Green Seal® Certified, cold water floor finish remover. Removes polymer floor finishes, acrylic seals and water-based urethanes from hard surface and resilient floors. No added fragrance. Solution is intended for use at full strength.

Meets Green Seal™ Standard for Floor-Care Products for Industrial and Institutional Use, GS-40, based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential.

For Use On: Vinyl Sheet, Plank and Tile and other resilient flooring types.

Directions For Use:
Always read full product information including product label and MSDS and test in a small, inconspicuous area prior to full use.

Routine Stripping: Use 16 fl oz/gallon cold water (125 ml/l), (1:8)
Heavy Buildup: Use 32 fl oz/gallon cold water (250 ml/l), (1:4)
  1. Apply stripper to floor. Allow to stand 20 minutes. Do not allow to dry on floor.
  2. Machine scrub.
  3. Pick up solution.
  4. Rinse floor at least twice with cold water.
  5. After floor is dry, apply appropriate finish.
Safety Data: Buckeye® Penetrate® Environmental Floor Stripper MSDS

Additional Information: Buckeye® Penetrate® Product Data Sheet

Specifically recommended for use on the following floor brands:
(Check compatibility with specific flooring material prior to use.):
Johnsonite (Tarkett Commercial Flooring)