Hilway Direct Floor Finish SATIN, 1L (33.8oz)

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Hilway Direct Floor Finish SATIN, 1 Liter

Enhancing low sheen Acrylic finish. Hard-wearing and durable. Highly scratch and scuff resistant. High 30% solids. No VOCs. Non-Hazardous.

For Use On: Sheet Vinyl, LVT, VCT, Rubber, Linoleum, Cork, Asphalt Tile, Marble, Slate, Concrete, Quarry Tile, or Terrazzo flooring.

Directions For Use:
  1. Clean floor thoroughly prior to application of finish.
  2. Shake finish well before use.
  3. Apply length-ways a thin, even, undiluted coat using a wide mop or applicator.
  4. When sufficiently hard to walk on, approximately one (1) hour, repeat the procedure crosswise.
  5. Allow finish to dry for at least eight (8) hours after the second coat and before use.
  • When applying the product avoid strong sunlight and drafts.
  • Turn off under floor heat before commencing work.
  • Ensure sufficient ventilation.
  • Read complete product label and manufacturer instructions prior to application.

  • Coverage: Single Coat: 350 square feet per liter.
    Proper application requires two (2) coats.
    Coverage may vary depending on porosity of flooring material.

    Recommended Cleaning & Maintenance:
    Dust mop or sweep then clean with a mop or automatic scrubber using Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner.

    Safety Data: Hilway Direct Satin Floor Finish MSDS